Quantity Surveyor Services

My freelance quantity surveyor services include:


I have experience of all types of construction projects in most sectors, with values ranging from £50,000 - £20 Million including,

Service Philosophy

My service philosophy is based on service excellence underpinned by customer focus, professionalism, commercial awareness, innovation and shared values.

Customer Focus

I am a customer driven individual and my primary focus is to align my professional services as closely as possible with the needs of my clients. I always seek to utilise my best practice knowledge, experience, commercial and cost management skills for the benefit of my clients.


I aspire to the highest standards of professionalism in terms of approach, standards and ethics and seek to uphold these with full cognisance of the modern commercial world and commercial pressures.

Commercial Awareness

I have experience in providing management and cost services to clients in a wide spectrum of industry sectors and appreciate the commercial pressures under which my clients operate. I fully understand the need to secure cost competitive advantage and can bring to bear significant commercial experience on my clients' projects. I always strive to obtain best value for money for my clients.

Shared Values

My core values include: loyalty, professionalism, openness, integrity and friendliness. These values are both inward and outward facing.

Freelance Services

If you are interested in my freelance quantity surveyor services, please call me on 01733 235946 or e-mail john@foulkes-arnold.com